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ACCC and Higher Education Marketing Form Partnership

6 DEC 2012
Topic : Education News

ACCC is pleased to announce that Higher Education Marketing, a provider of consulting services for website optimization and online web marketing, has been selected as an Advanced Skills Development Partner.

Montreal-based Higher Education Marketing works with Canadian colleges to maximize their return on investment in the use of Internet resources, e-marketing, e-recruitment and mobile applications. Using web-based analytics and search engine optimization, Higher Education Marketing provides education clients with the information and models they need to optimize e-marketing efforts, as well as blended e-marketing / traditional campaigns.

“Higher Education Marketing can help ACCC member institutions make strategic investments in their marketing and recruitment efforts. They provide the data colleges need to make cost-effective decisions, with the benefit of directly tracking the results of their marketing and recruitment,” noted ACCC President and CEO, James Knight.

HEM Founder and CEO, Philippe Taza, is enthusiastic about the opportunity to support member institutions in focusing and calibrating their e-activities to recruit students and build their brands. “We are very excited to be working with the ACCC. This partnership will allow us to promote a data-based approach to marketing that will maximize recruiting initiatives and improve return on investment for community colleges across the country,” Taza stated.

About Higher Education Marketing 
Higher Education Marketing provides analytics-driven education marketing solutions for schools, colleges and universities across Canada. A full service Internet marketing agency, Higher Education Marketing utilizes Google Analytics, search engine optimization, mobile SMS alerts, pay per click and social media to remove the guesswork from education marketing. This analytics-driven approach provides actionable data to relevant department stakeholders, maximizing marketing initiatives and improving return on investment.