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15 Annoying Grammatical Mistakes That People Always Make

13 FEB 2014

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We’ve already written about the most common grammatical mistakes, but to find out what word-related wrongdoing really irks people, we turned to the Internet.

Quora and Reddit users started two similar threads about the English errors they find most “annoying.” We listed the worst of the worst.

1. Using “it’s” instead of “its”

“I see it so much that I now expect to see it. I will be reading an article, distracted by the dreadful anticipation of knowing it’s coming. Then wham, I read a sentence like, “[T]he fire department said that it’s equipment is outdated,” and I will be brought to a rage,” Michael Wolfe wrote as Quora’s top comment.

Use “it’s” as a contraction to replace “it is.” Use “its” as a possessive pronoun to show ownership.

Example 1: It’s raining.

Example 2: The dog wanted its bone.

Note: The top comment on Reddit actually corrected the original question, which asked about “grammar errors.” “Grammatical errors,” in reality, is proper, as user A40 wrote.

2. Using “I” and “me” in the wrong spots

“I” will always be the subject of a sentence or clause, whereas “me” will be the object. “Me” should follow any preposition (of, in, on, etc.) and function as both the indirect and direct object in a sentence.

3. “I guess using an apostrophe for plural’s,” Reddit user wekiva joked.

Only possessive words (and contractions) require apostrophes.

Quora user Bruce Feldman discovered an entire website dedicated to photographic evidence of this terrible phenomenon.

4. Improper ellipses

Surprisingly, this appeared high on both sites’ threads.

“Ellipsis. Ellipses are three dots. Three. Not two, not four. Three,” Tzuwei Chen wrote on Quora. There should also be a space on either side.

And using four dots — a period follow by an ellipses — is actually correct at the end of a sentence, as Reddit user wethrgirl noted.

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