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10 Tips For Surviving Life After College

15 APR 2014

College_graduate_studentsThe transition from college to the “real world” can be tricky for many students, which is why it’s better to be prepared. Business Insider has put together a list of 10 Tips for Surviving Life After College that’s well worth a read. Their research was interesting, as they drew most of these tips from a Reddit thread asking college graduates how they made the jump into the working world.

“Build a routine.

The best thing to do is gain a routine — don’t waste your time. I go to the gym 3 times a week and it helps me stay on course and was the first stepping stone in getting my life organized.

Don’t worry if you don’t land your dream job.

Even if it’s not your dream job, get one. Nothing scares employers quite like a gap in work history.

Take advantage of the resources around you.

Aside from the social/living aspect of moving to a new city, you should not forget how many resources will be available in your office; when you’re starting your new job, there is no shame in asking your HR person for some help in finding an internet connection, tax forms, health insurance, or anything else. They’re there to help, and they’ll know a lot of what you need to know when moving to a new city.

Be careful with your money.

You’ve been living on $10k/ year for 4 years. Continue to do this, pay off your debt ASAP save a stack and continue to save. Do not live beyond your means, or you will quickly become dependent on your job.”

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