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Exam Tips for Study in Rome

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This is a well written blog post by John Cabot University with a solid overview of exam tips for study abroad in Rome. It is true that half the battle of achieving success in exams comes from adequate preparation and planning in the early stages, staying motivated by dividing goals into manageable tasks. It would probably be harder to stay disciplined on studies with the presumably numerous distractions in the Italian capital city so the earlier that one can create and stick to a schedule, keeping in mind the long and short-term goals, the better. Of course, the sunny weather can be a great energizing force. It seems like it would be more motivating to stay outside with books and study materials when the weather is so beautiful. Calculating how much time you have to study helps break it up so you have enough time to cover all the material.

It is always preferable to start planning early, knowing the requirements for each course and studying in manageable amounts throughout the year to avoid the dreaded last minute cram session. Pay attention to hints your professors provide in class and decide how much time and effort will be needed to cover the relevant sections. Develop a study guide, writing out the main concepts and references so that they can be reviewed until sinking in.

The memory works best when you start early but learn in short bursts, testing yourself over several weeks and leaving plenty of space between each session.”