Schools Training


Schools-training aims to provide publishers and readers with high quality and resourceful educational content. To ensure that your articles/news meet our criteria, please abide by the following guidelines:

General Guidelines

1. All articles must be related to post-secondary education topics and themes. Articles on any other topic will not be considered for publication.

2. All articles must be written and owned by the indicated author.

3. All duplicate submissions will be rejected immediately.

4. Articles must be original and contain thoughtful content that will benefit our audience.

5. All articles must be written in English using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

6. Under no circumstances can an article contain any of the following:

  • Harmful or negative comments about or directed towards an individual, group, organization, company, or service.
  • Profane language
  • Pornographic language, images, or material of any kind.
  • Promotion of gambling, alcohol or drugs use, or any illegal activities.

Formatting Guidelines


Select only  1 Category per article.


  • Must be 3-10 words
  • Cannot contain HTML code or any special characters (i.e. $, *, accented letters, etc.)


  • Each article submission must have a 30-50 word summary describing the content and subject discussed in the article.
  • The summary cannot include a hyperlink.


  • Articles must be 400-1500 words long.
  • There can be a maximum of 3 hyperlinks in the entire body of the article.
  • Ideally the article will be formatted with headers and clear paragraphs in order to enhance overall reader experience.
  • Permissible HTML tags : <p><ul><ol><li><strong><b><em><img><a><span>

Author Bio:

  • Maximum of 40 words.
  • Can contain a maximum of 1 hyperlink.

Keyword tags:

  • Maximum 50 words
  • Separate keywords with commas
  • Do not use HTML