Schools Training

Whether someone is looking to further their current career or desires the attention and atmosphere of a smaller learning facility after high school, Northern Lakes College offers exactly these services and so much more. From university studies to furthering a career, Northern Lakes College offers educational options for everyone, regardless of age or how long they have been in the work place, not to mention additional services for anyone who still wants a more traditional college experience, such as museums and libraries. This provides excellent options for getting out of the classroom and visually learning regarding a large number of topics.


Classes and programs are broken down into multiple categories at Northern Lakes College. These categories include Academic Upgrading, Apprenticeship, Career, University Studies and WorkForce Development Certificate. Each of these different programs are designed to offer altering aspects and benefits for those looking to improve their education and further their careers.

The apprenticeship is an exceptional option for someone who isn’t exactly sure what they want to do after high school and are on the fence of a higher-learning degree or a more hands out position.

Some of the programs and courses offered include, but are not limited to:

– Aboriginal Teacher Education Program
– College and Career Preparation Program
– University Studies
– Carpenter Apprenticeship
– Electrician Apprenticeship
– Welding Apprenticeship

Added Services

At many of the different Northern Lakes College locations there are added facilities for students looking to remain on campus, but take in other aspects of college life. The library provides not only excellent study resources for the courses enrolled in, but great services for a person who just wants to find a book to check out and read. Additionally, the museum is there to educate anyone about native culture, as it is centered around the heritage of local Native American tribes and their impact on the region.