Schools Training

For anyone looking to take up a profession in technology, or to push their current career further, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) is there to provide all of the necessary courses, instruction and assistance necessary. From animals studies to IT and electronics, there are over a dozen different programs, all of which are designed for those who simply enjoy the technology industry and everything associated with it.


There are over a dozen different programs and courses available for potential students to consider, all focusing on a specific aspect of research and technology. Some of these programs include, but are not limited to:

-Animal Studies
-Building Construction and Design
-Business and Administrative
-Hospitality and Culinary Arts
-IT and Electronics
-Media and Design

On top of this, there are additional apprenticeships available for those interested, where the individual is able to shadow and work with a trained professional, learning directly from what they do. From an auto body technician to a cook and a welder, there are dozens of different professions an individual can shadow, which is an exceptional option for those out of high school who aren’t sure they want a full-time degree but are looking for ways to make a solid living.


Recreational classes are not just for the larger universities and colleges. At the NAIT there are all sorts of different options available, ranging all the way from personal training certification to standard classes and open gym sessions for those who wish to partake. Some of these available classes and intramural opportunities include:

-Recreational Swimming
-Weight Training