Schools Training

At North Island College, in Vancouver, BC, it is possible to get a fresh start and work towards a potential new career. With dozens of different career degrees and certifications available, it is possible to go after just about any sort of desired job path, so whether a potential student is fresh out of high school, transferring in from a different college or university, or is simply looking for a different opportunity after working for years in a different job, North Island College has the academic offerings perfect for such an individual.

Offered Programs

There are all sorts of different programs available at North Island College. Some of the courses include, but are not limited to:

– Associates of Arts Degree
– Criminology Diploma
– Business Administration Diploma
– Professional Photography Certificate
– Fine Arts Diploma
– Web and Mobile Application Development Diploma

North Island College also provides an exceptional listing of trade and technology certifications and positions, for individuals looking for a career in a technology based sector. Some of these jobs include:

– Aircraft Sheet Metal Manufacturing Technician
– Carpentry Foundation
– Drafting Certificate
– Heavy Duty and Commercial Transport Mechanics Foundation
– Metal Fabrication Foundation
– Plumbing and Piping Foundation
– Welding Levels C, B and A

There are also specific apprenticeship programs, in which an individual is able to work directly with a current professional and mirror what they do. This provides an exceptional opportunity for the student to learn directly, all while receiving on the job experience. Some of these apprenticeship training programs include:

– Electrician Apprenticeship
– Landscape Horticulture Apprenticeship
– Professional Cook
– Plumbing Apprenticeship Training