Schools Training

Medicine Hat College, situated in southern Alberta, consists of two Canadian campuses, one in Medicine Hat and the other in Brooks. There is a third campus in Hebei, China. The college opened in 1965 with exactly 108 students, and during the 2011-2012 school year provided education to 8,844 students. The motto of Medicine Hat College is “Science and knowledge sustain the mind,” and to this end this educational facility aims to lead in learner excellence.  They focus on providing quality education, training, and serving the community.

The staff at Medicine Hat College numbers around 540, of which 340 are faculty members and 200 are part of the out-of-classroom team. There are five primary types of programs offered at the college, and they give students the opportunity to prepare for further university or post-secondary study or employment in various fields. Classes are small, instruction is of an excellent quality, and student support is good. One of the innovative courses offered is My First Year, which allows students to participate in a full year of transferable university courses to enable them to discover their strengths and passions and decide on their career paths.

As well as seeing to their studies, students can join in with many of the campus activities. The Rattlers are the college sports teams, and include volleyball, basketball, golf, and soccer. There are also facilities for tennis, walking, running, weight lifting, and free keep fit classes. At least 10 student clubs are on offer, including science and engineering, leadership development, commerce and business, hiking, and kayaking.

Medicine Hat College has an extensive list of programs. Some of the courses are offered on-campus, and others can be undertaken online or in traditional distance learning style.

Programs at Medicine Hat College include:

  • Adult Development
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Health Studies
  • International Education
  • Science
  • Trades