Schools Training

Lakeland College provides individuals with the ability to study at their own pace. Now only does it offer traditional undergraduate services, but there are also evening, weekend and online programs, all capable of fitting into the busy schedule of those who are looking to improve their careers or move ahead in life. With the variety of courses and services provided by Lakeland College there really is no limit to what a potential student can learn or what they can take advantage of.

There are dozens of different degree programs for an undergraduate to consider, but even if a student isn’t sure about the particular line of classes they wish to pursue it it alright. About 70 percent of all incoming freshman don’t have a designated degree program. Some of the available degree programs available are, but are not limited to:

  • Art
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Business Management
  • Communication
  • Criminal Justice
  • German
  • Writing

There is more to just the traditional undergraduate programs at Lakeland College than attending classes and obtaining the desired degree. In fact, there are many different athletic teams a student is able to try out for and compete with.

Lakeland College is focused on providing students with a complete college experience, without the larger prices and overwhelming atmosphere typically found at larger universities. This way, students receive more hands on learning from professors and are able to become far more intimate with the learning environment. Additionally, even if students are not able to physically attend classes due to busy work schedules or family conflicts, the online programs are extremely helpful in allowing those individuals to still pursue their degree. Whether the entire degree is obtained online or just individuals classes are taken by those who also attend the traditional undergraduate programs, Lakeland College offers just about every aspect of a large university, with the charm and desired features of a smaller college.