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Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning


The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning aims at offering students with the very best assistance in furthering their education and improve the ability to obtain improved employment and an increased pay scale. Without the very best educational assistance this becomes rather difficult, but it also isn’t necessary to go to the most expensive school, just to receive the necessary tutoring and assistance in education. At Humber College, there are dozens of programs and courses, not to mention excellent student life offerings, all designed to improve and increase the capabilities of a student and their way of life.

Degree Programs

At Humber College, it is possible to enroll not only in full time and part time educational offerings, but also through online courses, as not everyone is able to attend college in person due to a variety of reasons. This way, whether the individual needs to continue with their current work or enjoys the benefits of attending class online, distance learning options are always available through Humber College. With all of these different options available to potential students, these are some of the classes available, yet are not limited to, when enrolling in the school:

– Bachelor of Applied Arts – Criminal Justice
– Bachelor of Applied Arts – Film and Media Production
– Bachelor of Commerce – Fashion Management
– Bachelor of Journalism
– Bachelor of Music
– Bachelor of Nursing
– Bachelor of Interior Design
– Bachelor of Creative Advertising
– Bachelor of Public Relations