Schools Training

For anyone looking to improve their ability to land a job and further their career, it is necessary to obtain college education, as a degree and certifications are able to drastically improve this possibility. College of the Rockies offers hundreds of college classes and dozens of different programs, so no matter what the desired career path and major is, it is most likely covered and offered at College of the rockies. Furthermore, the college isn’t just a brick and mortar location, as it also offers online courses for individuals who are just not able to make it into the building. This is perfect for working professionals and parents who need a way to further their education, without leaving the family or work. So no matter what is right for an individual or what is the desired outcome, the college provides just about any particular service needed.

Degree Programs

There are both bachelor and associates degrees available at College of the Rockies. So whether someone is looking to transfer out after obtaining their associates or is desiring to make the school their full time and extended educational provider, there are all sorts of different degrees available for students. Some of these degrees include, but are not limited to:

– Bachelor of Business Administration
– Associates of Arts
– Associates of Science
– Bachelor of Education
– Bachelor of Science Nursing

Some of the online programs College of the Rockies provides includes, but is not limited to:

– Business Administration Certification
– Child, Youth and Family Studies Diploma
– Early Child Education (both certification and diploma)
– Herbal Practitioner Program
– Office Administration Program
– Pesticide Applicator Certificate
– Business Administration Diploma
– Bachelor of Business Administration in Sustainable Business Practices