Schools Training

While there are several different colleges in the province, the Collège Boréal, in Sudbury, Ontario, is one of the best french language education, in terms of number of programs and courses offered, not to mention it is going to allow for more employment services and an increase in student services over what is generally available through other colleges.

Programs and Courses

There are both programs for full-time students and for individuals who are looking to return to college, all without leaving their current position. After all, it is rather difficult to leave work in order to perform the necessary college courses required. Some of these areas of study include, but are not limited to:

– Business Administration
– Business Management
– Animation
– Art and Design
– Law and Public Services
– Computer Sciences

Each of these main programs is then broken down into different course options and areas of study. Business administration can be separated into office administration at the executive level and another at an administrative assistant. Business Management is broken into business administration accounting and general business while Art and Design have four different options. Law and Public Services provides three options and Computer Sciences also has three offerings. This is on top of the other half dozen areas of study, all of which help improve the capabilities of a student to increase their knowledge and improve their capabilities of learning the necessary requirements for increasing their job potential.

Student Services

At the Collège Boréal, there are several different student services provided. These services include but are not limited to:

– Financial Aid
– Learning Support
– Dental Clinic
– Daycare
– Transportation
– Technical Support
– Student Job Centre
– Library