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Bow Valley College (BVC) has been in existence since 1965, and was known as Alberta Vocational Centre/College until 1998. BVC, based in Calgary, is a community college that serves the province of Alberta and beyond. During the last school year, they had an enrolment of over 12,000 students. Bow Valley College is committed to giving students access to excellent post-high-school education. At the same time, BVC supports the economic development of the region by providing programs and resources to enable the adult population to learn skills that will help them acquire long-lasting employment.

The college is spread out over three campuses, and, due to recent renovations and building, now has the capacity to support around 20,000 students. Transport is not a problem as BVC is located conveniently close to the CTrain line. Almost 240 academic and instructional staff are in place to guide students through their courses. All classes are offered on-campus, and students who are unable to physically attend lectures can register through an online facility. Bow Valley College prides itself on giving good support to its student body, and activities, clubs, and regular events are in place to make life fun and to foster constructive learning.

The range of courses offered at Bow Valley College is extensive. A person who is an organizer-in-the-making will learn how to run a health-related, veterinary, or general office. Those who aim to increase their business skills can study accounting, event management, human resources, tourism, interior decorating, public relations, and more. An individual who has an empathetic personality may want to go into early learning and child care, assistant teaching, or addiction counseling. Upgrading of existing academic levels as well as continuing with the development of skills is covered, so someone who wants to go further in life will be empowered to do so.
Programs at Bow Valley College include:

• Administration
• Business
• Health Care
• Human Services
• Justice
• Academic Upgrading
• English Language Learning
• Continuing Education