Schools Training

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is a publicly funded, English language school that focuses on preparing students for careers in technology and assisting the community at large to meet workforce needs. With campuses in Ottawa, Pembroke, and Perth, Algonquin College serves a large student body, including full-time, continuing education, and international students.

Degree Programs

  • ·      Bachelor of Applied Arts—Interior Design
  • ·      Bachelor of Applied Business—eBusiness Supply Chain Management
  • ·      Bachelor of Building Science
  • ·      Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (co-op)

Collaborative Degrees

  • ·      Bachelor of Information Technology—Interactive Media and Design (with Carleton University)
  • ·      Bachelor of Information Technology—Network Technology (with Carleton University)
  • ·      Bachelor of Information Technology—Photonics and Laser Technology (with Carleton University)
  • ·      Bachelor of Science in Nursing (with the University of Ottawa)

Schools and Institutes (sample listing)

  • ·      Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence
  • ·      Advanced Technology
  • ·      Health and Community Studies
  • ·      Media and Design

Most Popular Programs (based on applications for enrollment)

  • ·      Police Foundations
  • ·      Practical Nursing General Arts and Science
  • ·      Paramedic
  • ·      Child and Youth Worker
  • ·      Medical Radiation Technology
  • ·      Business Administration (core)
  • ·      Veterinary Technician
  • ·      Social Service Worker
  • ·      Early Childhood Education

While a majority of students commute by driving or riding city transit, Algonquin College offers student housing for those who wish to live on campus. The college is committed to efficient energy use and green construction in all future building projects. Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology promises its students the knowledge and hands-on learning experience needed to achieve career goals and to meet the workforce needs of today and tomorrow.