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Sound Design is one part digital archivist and audio recording technician and one part master sound manipulator. With possible careers in film, advertising, television, theatre, music, radio or virtually anywhere sound needs customizing and control, a Sound Design specialist works with recorded sounds to produce specific effects.

This might be as simple as sound effects in a theatre performance, or as complicated as deciding the aural mood for an entire movie. Some sound designers focus on set up of audio play back and recording devices, for example to maximize comprehension and enjoyment of the audience to a performance. Others may be found seeking interesting sounds that may be recorded for later blending into sound effects, or stitching together the audio of a movie or video game.

Some may even look for interesting new sounds that nobody has recorded before, taking the microphones to strange locations or experimenting with interesting instrumentation. While synthesizers allow for spectacular sound generation, modern music is also influenced by sound designers experimenting with samples manufactured from everything from old music re-spliced to recordings of completely non-musical sounds such as industrial noises or  pop culture sound bites.

Today’s Sound Designers are masters of digital music formats and this has created an explosion of possibilities for sound as an artistic medium. From DJs to more seamless artistic products, a Sound Designer is a key part of modern art and performance.

Possible career paths for Sound Designer in include:

  • Theatre Sound Designer
  • Sound Effect Designer
  • Audio Recording Specialist
  • Studio Sound Designer
  • DJ Arts Performer