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The entertainment industry contains a diverse range of businesses and artists. From film to sports, people in this industry might handle everything from managing top theatre talent to bringing underground music hits to the mainstream. While the business of making entertainment is generally left to the artists, entertainment management professionals provide the bridge that helps them find work and opens up new markets for their products.

This might include managing the rights to music, film clips or visual images, or keeping a roster of talent and doing the leg work of selling them. Many people in this field have a strong background in the arts and well as a knack for management, bringing insider information to their work. For example they may have a deep understanding of the most popular venues or radio channels to promote new music, or they may have an acting background that lets them properly measure new talent. Others are drawn to the field for the glamour, and find a welcome market for their own ability to manage things well.

At its core, this job is usually one part administrative and one part marketing and sales.  To be ideal for the role a combination of strong attention to detail, organizational aptitudes and people skills will help entertainment managers achieve success.

Positions in Entertainment Management may include:

  • Talent Agent
  • Booking Agent
  • New Faces Director
  • Concert Promoter
  • Entertainment Producer