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Audio Engineering is the field of work focused on recording and manipulating sound. From acoustics to microphone technology, audio engineers, also known as sound or audio technicians, are essential in many performance based projects, from music, to film and theatre, and are also employed in setting up the playback and amplification possibilities for live performances and previously recorded music.

Work as an audio engineer may include taking live recordings, but these might include anything from the spoken word of a lecture or news broadcast, to recording hundreds of sound effects for an audio library. Since most people own some sort of music playback equipment, and the formats music and sound may be recorded under has only expanded. Although digital music is the new standard, audio engineers also generally benefit with some knowledge of other systems such as magnetic tape or vinyl or plastic grooves.

Finished audio products are usually the work of a skilled audio engineer, who blends several separate recordings (tracks) into one coherent narrative. Much like how a conductor of an orchestra cues various live musicians how and when to play, an audio engineer balances recorded sound. This can include preparing it for mono and stereo play back. Additionally even in a live performance, a sound technician may also make adjustments behind the scenes to give a performance a more polished sound.

Because Audio Engineers have such a strong role in production and post-production of recorded music, their work at the soundboard has even birthed the opportunity to become composers in their own right. Overlapping with a DJ, since modern synthesizers can play back virtually any sound, audio engineers may not just tidy up other people’s recordings, but take an manipulate sound samples to make their own music.

Audio engineering jobs include:

  • Sound Recording Artist
  • Theatre Audio Technician
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Master Audio Engineer
  • Sound Designer
  • Film and Movie Dubbing Artist