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Law enforcement and security careers are essential to ensuring the safety and security of communities and organizations. Whether complementing formal education in a police academy or going on to a career in security, as an officer or the courts or an employee of a correctional institution, the Law Enforcement / Police Foundations diploma program provides you with top-notch training and the knowledge to prepare you for a variety of security and law enforcement positions.

The National Academy of Health and Business employs a talented and knowledgeable instructor who is a veteran of the Peel Police force, having been on the force for over 30 years. Students will gain a wealth of knowledge from someone who knows the law enforcement world inside and out.

The Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program is an initiative jointly sponsored by the Police Learning System Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities in an attempt to establish a minimum standard required for entrance into the police force in Ontario. NAHB is one of very few colleges in Canada to offer self defence training and training with firearms, two essential skills in this line of work.

The course is composed of three separate modules, spread across the nine month program, and each module culminates with a theoretical and practical assessment of the skills and knowledge gained.

Some of the subjects covered in the three modules are:

–          Criminology
–          The criminal code
–          Federal and provincial statutes
–          Psychology
–          Principles of ethical reasoning
–          Police procedures
–          Conducting an investigation

At the end of the program, students will be put into a practical on-the-job placement and be required to complete a volunteer community program that focuses on skills learned in one or more of the modules.

From stopping theft to organizing an orderly evacuation, Police Foundations is the first stepping stone for many people who wish to work in public safety.

Students wishing to enroll in the Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program should be in excellent physical shape, have great communication skills, be able to handle high-stress situations and be calm and collected under pressure.

Career Opportunities

Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program is expertly crafted to give you the essential skills and knowledge you’ll need to enter into a variety of careers in law enforcement. After completing the Law Enforcement / Police Foundations program, students are then able to apply and work in a variety of jobs, such as:

–          Police officer
–          Customs and immigration
–          Border guard
–          Security guard
–          Armored car drive
–          Private investigator
–          Court officer
–          Military officer
–          Security consultant

Typical Job Duties

Depending on the career you choose in the security or law enforcement fields, you will have a variety of responsibilities including:

–   Search and seizure
–   Evidence handling
–   Investigation
–   Conflict de-escalation
–   Proper, safe and humane transportation and housing of detained persons
–   Firearms training including care, safety and accuracy in high stress/high demand situations
–   Proper emergency response readiness

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