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A personal support worker is an ever-growing career field, focused on giving patients in-house care to help them lead as productive and independent lives as possible. Personal support workers allow clients, such as elderly and the disabled, to live productive and independent lives, giving them the skills and assisting them in completing day-to-day tasks such as cooking, laundry, shopping and getting to appointments.

Personal support workers are essential to providing the continued care and support that people require as they age, and a personal support worker enjoys an incredibly rewarding career, helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Personal Support Worker (PSW) diploma training program at National Academy of Health and Business was developed in collaboration with the provincial government to improve the state of long-term healthcare and provide more healthcare support for the elderly and the disabled.

This program at National Academy of Health and Business serves to combine the Health Care Aide Training, Home Support Worker training (levels I, II and III) with Attendant Care Training and Respite Worker Training into one cohesive and comprehensive training program that ensures students are fully prepared to enter the personal support field.

The program spans 26 weeks, with 14 weeks in a job placement setting. Applicants to the program should possess excellent interpersonal skills, be compassionate and caring individuals, and have a drive to help people.

During the program, you’ll attend intensive training courses on a variety of healthcare and home support topics such as:

–          Safety standards
–          The role of the personal support worker
–          Mobility assistance
–          Mental health issues
–          Cognitive impairment
–          Diagnostic and treatment procedures
–          Personal hygiene assistance
–          Family assistance
–          Dealing with the death of a patient

Career Opportunities

As hospital stays shorten, the population ages and family members may live apart from each other, more jobs become available in the healthcare field – specifically in home-based person support. In addition, many healthcare institutions are now structured in a more “home care” friendly system that lets them experience some of the advantages of a home care set up.  A Personal Support Worker is thus an extremely versatile way or many people to find a job in healthcare.

Typical Job Duties

Typical duties as a personal support worker include:

–          Answering calls
–          Preparing meals
–          Assisting in feeding
–          Taking patients’ blood pressure
–          Administering medication
–          Supervising exercise
–          Transporting patients
–          Collecting fluid samples
–          Collecting blood
–          Cleaning and sterilizing equipment
–          Maintaining the patients’ room

Person support workers provide personal care for the comfort and safety of their clients and help to create an environment of physical, emotional and social well being. They also assist in maintaining patient independence, which is increasingly important as people age.

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