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This program prepares students for diverse employment opportunities in office support roles with the core skills that today’s employers are seeking. Office administration has gone by many other names in the past, including “administrative assistant,” or the much more old fashioned title of “secretary”. Some of the responsibilities of the role have not changed that much over time. For example, office administrators are still responsible for typing, filing and writing business correspondence. However, the increased use of computers in modern offices means that it is highly unusual for a modern office administration professional not to be a skilled computer user, knowing the ins and outs of a multitude of office software.

The Office Administration program at the National Academy of Health and Business aims to supply students with the fundamental skills to embark on a career in the office administration sector and provide the skills that employers typically require.

The program runs for a total of 18 weeks, in which you will learn to develop a strong administrative sense and get familiar with skills like word processing, and office support.

The program is computer-centric – as are most modern offices – and will focus on working in a team in hands-on scenarios, to mimic the real world conditions. A diploma in Office Administration from the National Academy of Health and Business provides students with the required skills and training to succeed in the competitive business world.

During the course of the program, you’ll develop skills such as:

–          Microsoft Office use (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)
–          Microsoft Outlook and other email software
–          Office communication skills
–          Organizational skills
–          Fundamental accounting skills
–          Office procedures
–          Business communication skills
–          Prioritization

And more!

Prospective students should have a strong grasp on organizational skills, be relatively quick at typing, and possess an excellent attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills. Being flexible in the hours you work and having a knack for dealing with stressful situations are also a major plus.

Career Opportunities

With the practical knowledge and real world skills you’ll gain in the Office Administration program, you’ll be prepared to work as an administrative assistant in a variety of settings from giant corporations to working as an assistant for a small business or entrepreneur. Some typical careers that graduates of the Office Administration program go on to pursue include:

–          Financial planning
–          Office administrator
–          Administrative assistant
–          Bookkeeping
–          Human resources
–          Payroll
–          Accounting
–          Office assistant

Typical Job Duties

Depending on the exact career you choose, your place of employment and your level of education, the tasks you’ll perform in an office administration career will vary.

Office administration duties can include:

–          Assigning work to staff
–          Supervising staff
–          Replenishing office equipment
–          Repairing existing equipment
–          Customer service and secretarial tasks
–          Payroll

Responsibilities the in office administration sector could extend to anything that helps the office to run smoothly and efficiently. Reception work, managing the schedules and appointments for other employees and even small but essential office procedures can fall under the responsibility of an office administrator or administrative assistant.

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