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National Academy of Health and Business offers a beautiful, state of the art campus in Mississauga, Ontario, with a variety of excellent programs taught by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable instructors whose primary goal is to help students fulfill their goals of finding a great career.

The campus is located on Dundas Street, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful and lush Brickyard Park, easily accessible by car or public transportation. It offers a full suite of courses in dental, healthcare, business and law for hands-on, career oriented training. Students enjoy a convenient location with ample free parking, as well as a large variety of classes developed around teaching the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are necessary in today’s hectic, rapidly advancing world.

With an innovative combination of theoretical classroom training and real-world practical training in clinical and office work settings, the NAHB Mississauga campus is a cutting-edge learning environment designed to fully prepare graduates for fulfilling work in their chosen field.

The Mississauga campus offers engaging and inspiring programs in four very diverse fields: business, healthcare, dental and legal.

Business Diploma Programs

NAHB Mississauga offers three varied career-training courses in business. They are: Accounting and Payroll Administration, Business Administration and Office Administration.

The business faculty aims to impart on students the business knowledge and concepts that will prepare them for the hectic, increasingly computerized world of business and business administration. The programs have a strong focus on the fostering of administrative skills, computer literacy in word processing and office support skills.

Students will learn a variety of software programs, from the Microsoft Office Suite to computerized accounting payroll systems, as well as relevant business regulations to promote success in any office environment.

Dental Diploma Programs

NAHB Mississauga offers comprehensive industry -recognized programs in dental health. Intensive classroom theory paired with hands-on training and real-world technology in fully equipped, state of the art facilities means that students at NAHB Mississauga get training that is unrivaled in quality. Our programs prepare graduates for rewarding careers in dental offices, hospitals and educational institutions.

Healthcare Diploma Programs

NAHB Mississauga offers exceptionally rigorous and professional career training in healthcare, physiotherapy and social work. The programs at NAHB Mississauga combine the practicality of laboratory work with theory instruction from educators who are celebrated professionals in their chosen field. NAHB Mississauga is equipped with the best modern technology and laboratories that are just like those you’d see in a hospital setting. Students will graduate with the skills and experience to find a rewarding career in social services, school boards, mental health agencies, hospitals and privately owned laboratories.

Legal Diploma Programs

NAHB Mississauga offers diploma programs in legal office administration and law enforcement, as well as a Ministry-certified security guard training course. NAHB provides a winning combination of in-class lectures and theoretical textbook work coupled with engaging instructors who will shows you the ropes, helping you to gain practical experience that will prepare you for the real world. Graduating students go on to find successful, rewarding employment as police officers, security guards, border patrol agents, legal administrators, law office assistants and other exciting careers in the legal field.

Training for these careers is available at NAHB Mississauga:

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