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A medical laboratory technician provides a hands-on role in diagnostics and the development of new medical treatments such as drugs, therapies and medical appliances. Usually part of oncology but also a necessary part of clinical research, the laboratory technician combines scientific know how with medical knowledge.

The Medical Laboratory Technician Assistant diploma program at the National Academy of Health and Business is built on informative and practical instruction, a combination of theoretical material and hands-on training in a state-of-the-art on-site laboratory.

The program consists of 34 weeks of study, including a four week clinical placement that the school will help you find, as the National Academy of Health and Business maintains excellent relationships with several hospitals and private labs.

Graduates of this program are then eligible to write the Ontario Society of Medical Technologies (OSMT) certification examination in order to become certified as a medical laboratory technician assistant.

While all science backgrounds prepare workers for the lab, medical laboratory technician assistants will also need a background in health or biological science. The life sciences focus on the interaction of biological processes within the body including normal and abnormal functioning, and basic anatomical systems.

Medical laboratory technician assistants should possess excellent analytical abilities and a very high attention to detail. Working in stressful situations, under pressure, and on tight deadlines, students must possess good stamina and physical dexterity. An intricate knowledge of confidentiality agreements is extremely important, since you will be dealing with confidential patient information on a daily basis.

Career Opportunities

Like most jobs in healthcare, the demand for medical laboratory technicians and assistants is increasing because of an aging population, and the need for faster, better healthcare. As such, becoming a medical laboratory technician assistant is an extremely stable career choice.

A Medical Laboratory Technician Assistant diploma can prepare you for a career as a laboratory technician assistant in hospitals, private laboratories, and university or government labs, or even jobs as diverse a quality control inspector with a pharmaceutical company.

Typical Job Duties

Medical laboratory technician assistants are mainly tasked with the correct and efficient analysis of patient samples, but the job comes with a whole host of other responsibilities as well. Here are just some of the duties that medical laboratory technician assistants are responsible for:

–          Collect blood and other various fluid samples from patients
–          Collect tissue samples from patients
–          Catalog patient samples
–          Prepare sample for testing
–          Properly setting up laboratory equipment
–          Conducting laboratory tests
–          Analyzing samples
–          Maintain the cleanliness of the medical laboratory and the medical laboratory equipment

Because medical laboratory technician assistants have such a high level of specialization, this allows other healthcare workers to focus on other important things like patient care and diagnosis.

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