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Business administration is an essential part of the proper day-to-day functioning of any company. With responsibilities that range from clerical tasks to managing different levels of employees at a company, business administration workers can be found in departments ranging from human resources to marketing. They are capable of taking on diverse day-to-day tasks to manage the groups they are a part of. As a result, their tasks can range from hiring and training employees, maintaining records, research and innovation, and all the clerical work and reporting that the company requires.

The Business Office Administration diploma program is designed to prepare graduates with an intimate knowledge of the concepts required for today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. The program is uniquely tailored to the modern business landscape, with a focus on critical thinking skills and team building.

Students will gain a broad understanding of business practices as well as the experience and skills to assume responsible roles in, among others: accounting, marketing, or general administration.

A 26 week program, the Business Office Administration diploma teaches students essential skills they need for practical application in business, such as:

–          Essential office software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc.)
–          Business and accounting software (QuickBooks, ACCPAC, etc.)
–          Bookkeeping and accounting practices
–          Business communications
–          Economics
–          Marketing and sales

Prospective students should have an excellent attention to detail, great numerical and financial aptitude, and top notch communication skills, as well as being professional and enthusiastic.

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities available to students with a diploma in business administration are vast and rewarding. Students who graduate with the transferable skills from the Business Office Administration diploma program have found diverse employment in accounting, office management, sales and marketing. In addition to these careers, graduates may go on to run their own businesses.

Typical Job Duties

Because it is such a diverse field, the typical job duties of someone in business administration vary greatly from job to job. The duties of a business administrator can include, but are not limited to:

–          Scheduling appointments
–          Booking flights, and hotels
–          Supervising staff
–          Handling paperwork
–          Distributing office mail
–          Preparing cheques, invoices and receipts
–          Preparing annual reports and budgets
–          Interviewing and hiring

With additional hard work, the unlimited potential of this career path allows you to climb the management ladder and make higher level strategic decisions for the success of your employer.

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