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Accounting and payroll jobs make up an essential part of a business’s ability to function. All companies have mandatory paperwork requirements for bookkeeping, and those with more than one employee must also manage their wages, including tax deductions. Meanwhile accountants and bookkeepers are also employed in other capacities such as inventorying and resource assessment, managing financial archives and taking care of the money that goes in and out of the company.

The Accounting and Payroll Administration diploma program offered by the National Academy of Health and Business provides students with an excellent understanding of various accounting and payroll systems as well as with hands-on knowledge in real-life business situations. A combination of theoretical classroom learning and hands-on experience, the program helps students to develop confidence and attain the experience needed for a rewarding career in accounting and payroll administration.

The Accounting and Payroll Administration diploma program is 44 weeks long. This means that students will have the chance to step into a payroll administration role in just a little over 9 months. Graduates also benefit from becoming an official member of the Canadian Payroll Association upon completion of the program.

Some of the skills you’ll learn in the Accounting and Payroll Administration program include:

–          Expert knowledge of business software
–          Bookkeeping
–          Accounting
–          Financial analysis
–          Payroll
–          Communications skills

Prospective students should have great attention to detail, a high level of competency in mathematics and finance, the ability to multitask, and excellent communication skills.

Career Opportunities

The increase of federal and provincial legislative requirements and laws and their intricacy means that employers are now counting on trained accounting and payroll administrators to handle the duties. Because of the increased need for adherence to extreme detail, and familiarity with the new laws and legislation, there is high demand for bright, talented and detail-oriented individuals in the field of payroll administration. Payroll administrators are usually paid very well, and you can expect a wage in the range of $17 to $54 an hour upon graduating.

Typical Job Duties

Payroll administration is an extremely varied and rewarding career; these are just some of the duties you’ll be responsible for as a payroll administrator or accountant:

–          Coordinating administrative procedures
–           Reviewing, evaluating and implementing new procedures
–           Delegating work to staff
–           Ensuring deadlines are met
–          Processing requests under government access to information act
–          Coordinating office services
–          Assisting in preparing operating budgets
–          Preparing reports, memos and other correspondence.

Outside of tax related tasks, other accounting and payroll responsibilities include processing and creating invoices and possibly pursuing payments or making them through accounts receivable and accounts payable departments.

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