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In today’s world, websites are everything to everyone. From personal blogs to corporate websites, your presence on the web is just as important as your presence in real life. That’s why there are so many employment opportunities for talented individuals in the realm of website design.

The Website Design program at Herzing College provides an integrated approach, by providing knowledge on not only client-side website design techniques and management procedures, but also theoretical website building concepts and how they are to be practically applied. The program covers all of the essentials of today’s World Wide Web, from e-business and HTML, to Photoshop, CSS and PHP.

Creativity and artistic sensibilities are heavily valued in the website design world, so applicants are encouraged to have a rather large and varied portfolio. Website designers are involved with developing the look and feel of a website, whereas web developers are more into the coding and framework side of websites. Certain professionals have the capability to do both, but some choose to specialize and instead collaborate with someone else.

Herzing College’s talented instructors are experts in their field, having demonstrated their skills in the industry for years. Students will be guided by instructors to develop a stunning and multifaceted portfolio of work throughout the course of the program, and be given helpful tips and advice for courting prospective employers.

Some of the content students will be studying in the course includes:

  • Javascript
  • Animation for websites
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Dynamic web applications
  • Web 2.0
  • Advanced website design
  • Photoshop and Flash
  • And much more!

Successful graduates of the program go on to find contract work in public and private organizations, small and medium sized companies, government, advertising agencies, multinationals and manufacturing, service and distribution companies, or even as freelancers. Typical job titles include “Webmaster” and “Web developer.”

Through an agreement with Herzing University in the United States, graduates of this program can transfer part of their credits to Herzing University in the United States and finish their associate degree at a U.S. campus, online from Canada, or a combination of both.