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In our quickly developing world, the need for skilled individuals with legal knowledge to work as paralegals in a variety of legal and law office situations is growing by the day. Herzing College’s Paralegal diploma program is designed specifically to meet these needs and expertly prepare students for a rewarding career as a paralegal.

The Paralegal diploma program at Herzing College is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada, which means it serves to expertly prepare graduates to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada and become licensed, practicing paralegals. Paralegals are individuals that provide a variety of legal services in certain specific areas of practice to the public for a fee, but who are not lawyers. The type of work that a licensed paralegal can perform is more limited than a full-fledged lawyer, and is dictated by the Law Society. As such, the Paralegal diploma program is restricted to teaching those skills that fall within the realm of the paralegal

Some of the skills you’ll learn in the Paralegal diploma program at Herzing College include:

  • Legal computer applications
  • Legal research and writing
  • Consumer protection law
  • Torts and contracts
  • Residential landlord and tenant law
  • Motor vehicle offences
  • Employment law
  • Ethics and personal responsibility
  • And much more.

Successful graduates will be fully prepared for rewarding and stable work in law offices, legal departments of any organization or even have the knowledge and know-how to open and run their own practice.

Herzing College’s Paralegal diploma program is expertly designed for making sure graduates are eligible to apply to take, and pass, the Paralegal Licensing Examination through LSUC. The exam is required in order to be able to practice as a licensed Paralegal.

The program consists of 920 hours of class-time, in addition to 120 hours of a practical, hands-on internship that will prepare you for work in a real world setting.

The campus is centrally located in the Toronto Eaton Centre, downtown. The campus is surrounded by several court offices and large law firms which Herzing College has excellent relationships with, meaning they can offer Paralegal graduates various excellent internship and job opportunities.

Through an agreement with Herzing University in the United States, graduates of this program can transfer part of their credits to Herzing University in the United States and finish their associate degree at a U.S. campus, online from Canada, or a combination of both.