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The Business Administration Training diploma program at Herzing College is a one year program that includes a one-month internship to gain valuable, hands-on work experience.

Your Business Administration diploma from Herzing will provide you with an exceptionally thorough overview of the principles and practices of business administration, with a strong focus on team building and managerial skills.

The areas of study that you’ll be acquainted with in the Business Administration diploma program include:

  • Accounting concepts
  • Accounting applications
  • Business management
  • Business software
  • Marketing concepts
  • Communication skills
  • Managerial principles

Upon finishing the program, students will have gained not only extensive computer and software skills, but also the hands-on experience and communications skills that will make them a welcome addition to any workplace. Herzing’s program also places a large emphasis on entrepreneurial skills in the program, with optional modules focused on starting your own business. If starting your own company is your dream, Herzing’s program will provide you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to ace the process, from business plan to incorporation.

Whether you’re already adept at using a computer or a technological blank slate, Herzing will expertly prepare you in the realm of business software. You’ll learn everything from the Microsoft Office suite to various accounting programs like Quick Books. Students will be prepared to oversee the finances of any company, big or small.

Classes in the program run Monday through Thursday, with classroom time making up 1,040 hours total, as well as 80 hours spent in a one month internship learning practical skills. Through an agreement with Herzing University in the United States, graduates of this program can transfer part of their credits to Herzing University in the United States and finish their associate degree at a U.S. campus,  online from Canada, or a combination of both.