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Dental hygienists are among the fastest growing careers around right now. With the increased need for preventative and restorative oral care, there is a growing demand for dental professionals and dental assistants. Dental hygienists work as part of the dental team and are licensed health professionals, assisting the dentist with a variety of procedures, as well as performing teeth cleaning and other procedures on their own.

The Canadian Academy of Dental Health offers a 20-month diploma program of full-time classroom and clinical instruction that’s accredited by the Commission of Dental Accreditation in Canada (CDAC). It is recognized and approved by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and the Ontario Student Assistance program, meaning that your education can often be subsidized.

The curriculum of the Dental Hygienist diploma program at CADH is designed to help students gain the fundamental knowledge required to work in a dental practice. It is an exceptionally rich and rigorous program that requires a lot of dedication and effort, but the results are extremely rewarding. The program excellently prepares students for a career as a dental hygienist or a variety of other related roles in the oral health field.

Some of the courses you will be taking in the program include:

–          Dental anatomy
–          Oral pathology
–          Periodontics for the dental hygienist
–          Radiography
–          Head and neck anatomy
–          Communication

Students looking to enroll in the program and become a dental hygienist should be compassionate, personable people with a high attention to detail, have a willingness to put in a lot of effort and dedication and should possess excellent communication skills.

Career Opportunities

There are more people than ever that are above the age of 60, which means there is a consistent demand for preventative dental care that will only rise in the coming years. Graduates of the Dental Hygiene diploma program can expect to find rewarding, steady work in a dental clinic after finishing their studies. The program so expertly prepares students to pass the board exam that last year over 90% of students passed the exam to become licensed dental hygienists. CADH’s Dental Hygienist diploma program is an excellent way to land yourself in a rewarding career as a dental hygienist.

Typical Job Duties

Dental hygienists are responsible for a majority of the procedures that are done in a dental office, even though people often mistakenly assume that they’re done by a dentist. Teeth scraping and cleaning, the application of fluoride, the filling of cavities, and other procedures are often done by the dental hygienist with little to no assistance from the dentist.

Some of the tasks you’ll be responsible for as a dental hygienist include:

–          Removing stains and plaque from teeth
–          Placing fillings
–          Removing sutures
–          Polishing teeth and crowns
–          Taking and developing X-rays
–          Teaching patients proper oral care
–          Making impressions of teeth
–          Applying fluoride

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