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Validation is an essential part of quality control in the Pharmaceutical industry and beyond. In any manufacturing where high standards are a natural part of the product’s mandate, Validation focused professional design and implement quality control protocols.  This means creating and maintaining the exact process by which things are done to insure repeat behaviours deliver the exact same result every time. It usually includes scientific report writing and statistical analysis.

Modern companies make heavy use of statistically managed data to get an intimate understanding of how things happen, and the research focused pharmaceutical industry is particularly oriented around using these computer powered tools to refine their work into a mistake free process. This has changed the nature of Validation work, but also opened up new roles, as statistical analysis generally delivers measureable results, encouraging further investment.

Validation also provides opportunities for advancement, allowing specialists the opportunity to manage others. This means an increasing reliance on Validation specialist’s people skills and ability to communicate scientific data with their team. They will also need a good ability for follow up and a check-and-re-check attitude to implementation that naturally flows from their earlier positions of directly implementing validation in the manufacturing process.

Possible career paths in Validation include:

  • Validation Engineer
  • Validation Specialist