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Pharmaceutical Sales is an essential bridge in the pharmaceutical industry between manufacturing and research, and the implementation of treatments. Generally speaking Pharmaceutical Sales representatives don’t reach the consumer directly, either using retail pharmacies or selling the value of their treatments to medical professionals, to encourage doctors to recommend drugs and treatments to their patients.

Because of the intersection of private and public interests, Pharmaceutical Sales is heavily regulated. In direct consumer outreach, such as marketing, ads must carry disclaimers of side effects, and may not claim they are a cure or treatment for symptoms or problems they have not been officially approved for, even if there is a strong and lengthy history of off licence use. Even when working with retailers like pharmacies, or with doctors, there are still guidelines governing everything from packaging to how the product may be presented. Because of the captive nature of the market, Pharmaceutical Sales professionals may also experience oversight controlling what sort of incentives they may offer. As such, they need a mixture of solid sales smarts, people skills, industry know-how, including an encyclopedia knowledge of the drugs that are on the market ant their effect. However , all this must be balanced with careful attention to regulations, making skilled professionals in demand.

Possible Pharmaceutical Sales career paths include:

  • Retail Pharmacy Sales Representative
  • Industry Pharmaceutical Sales Representative