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A career focused on Food Industry Food Handling prepares one for the many roles and jobs in large scale commercial food manufacturing, packaging and processing. From ensuring the quality of food before it reaches the consumer, to testing different versions of a recipe to develop an ideal product, a Food Handling specialist is a key part of both allowing food retailers and manufacturers to maintain a healthy reputation and providing consumers with top notch security.

In Canada, many provinces make sure that restaurant, bakery or any other commercial establishment including institutional cafeterias, are able to meet high standards in food safety. Since most communities include at least a bakery and may have some sort of residential care facility, it means that Food Handling is part of many people’s professions and is an in demand skill throughout the entire country.

Food Industry Food Handling standards mean knowing about proper hygiene procedures such as cleaning temperatures, and the importance of avoiding cross contamination, for example mixing raw meat residue with vegetables or fruit that will be served uncooked. It also means knowing the proper temperatures and shelf life for food, so that food storage is in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.

Possible Food Handling careers include:

  • Chef
  • Linecook
  • Food and Beverage Server
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Bakery Assistant