Schools Training

The CRNE (Canadian Registered Nurse Examination) is a test with national level oversight, administered on an annual basis. A necessary step to practice at the highest level of the profession, the exam ensures that all registered nurses can provide the same minimal standard of care. Each year the exam is updated from the feedback of real working nurses and focuses on everything from providing a good bedside manner to pharmaceutical care.

A registered nurse may work in many environments, including as part of a clinic or hospital, or as a well-paid home healthcare specialist. Although the professional is woman dominated, there is an ongoing effort to make the profession friendly to both genders.  Nurses of all levels may work in private or public healthcare, with a high number of openings in both sorts of medical employment opportunity.

Some nurses choose to specialize, for example in maternal or natal care, pediatrics, geriatrics or surgical assistance, while other nurses choose to work with public health departments, providing medical outreach to communities. This can include making house calls to new babies and the physically or mentally disabled, or taking on a role in the community like the traditional “school nurse”.