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Clinical Research Diploma Program

Clinical Research is an important part of the process that takes pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices from conception to manufacturing and market. Existing is a rigorously regulated environment, Clinical Research careers mean anything from a planning role to going hands on in the laboratory. It’s also a field that needs qualified medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and medical technicians. These people work with patients to run tests and ensure the safety and comfort of test subjects.

Clinical Research uses both human and animal trials in a multiphase process that ensures that a drug or medical device is an effective, non-harmful treatment. It must be simultaneously more effective than a placebo but also not produce side effects that are worse than the cure it is supposed to provide. To excel in the field of clinical research, you need an exacting attention to detail and a willingness to make sure a process is perfected, repeated and documented at every repetition. Quality control and quality assurance are key, both for accurate scientific results and regulatory compliance.

It addition to medicine, people from all sorts of scientific backgrounds are suited to Clinical Research, especially chemistry and the life sciences. This sort of background means that candidates for the profession are already coming with a reasonable degree of scientific rigor.

Possible careers in Clinical Research include:

  • Clinical Research Nurse
  • Participant Screening Consultant
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Laboratory Technician