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Yoga Retreats and the Skyrocketing Cost of Serenity

25 MAR 2014

This week, the Canadian Tourism College blog looks at the rising popularity of socially responsible, spiritually enriching vacation packages. These trips are increasingly in demand by tourists who want to minimize their environmental impact while traveling and improve their own health along the way. This week’s post, Yoga Retreats and the Skyrocketing Cost of Serenity, notes that travel trends like eco-awareness, cultural sensitivity and inner balance can be difficult to combine successfully, and:

no travel package encompasses all of them quite like the intensive yoga retreat. These getaways manage to balance eco-conscious minimalism with over-the-top luxury. Yoga resort management promote meditative simplicity while proffering a wide range of rigorous activities. Self-reflection and engagement with nature combine to create an increasingly popular niche: vacations that make us feel good by convincing us we’re doing good. Take a look at these high-end yoga retreats – they’re proof that we’re willing to pay extra for a little peace of mind.

The featured resorts have several elements in common. Each location is private and remote, accommodations are luxurious without being wasteful, and menus feature locally grown and organic produce. Tolan de Sian Ka’an, for example – a yoga retreat in the Yucatan Peninsula – is described as a protected heritage site and biosphere. Guests enjoy traditional Mayan cultural ceremonies, yoga sessions on the beach, vegetarian meals and activities meant to promote heightened consciousness and inner calm. But these non-traditional travel packages come at a higher price than your typical 7-day all inclusive. The yoga retreats featured in the post range from $2,000 to $13,700, not including flights or ground transportation.