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Where in the World do Students Spend the Longest Time in School?

9 SEP 2014

In the 2014 Global Innovation Index, data from over 50 countries was collected to determine which countries were receiving longer periods of education. As it turns out, Australian students will spend the longest in school, with a national average of 20 years. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Nigerian students will spend an average of only five years in school.

This information is not surprising, as the economically wealthiest countries (New Zealand, Iceland, Netherlands) all rule the top of this list. The correlation between the economy of a country and the country’s education levels has proven over and over again their interconnectivity. To prosper as a country, that country must have educated individuals. As of now, countries like Niger, Pakistan and Senegal, who all were at the bottom of the rankings, currently struggle with issues like war, political corruption and drought. Because of these life-threatening issues, the struggle to survive often and unfortunately outweighs the focus on education.