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A World of IT Career Opportunities

12 MAR 2013
Career Path : Graphic Design

Think about an industry that is growing and that of computers instantly comes to mind. The world’s growing dependence on internet technology virtually guarantees a high future demand for web design careers. Information Technology (IT) is the study of how computers manage information as it applies to designing hardware, software, communications networks, internet applications and more. An IT degree provides education integrating the growing technological computer innovations in development, support and analysis. While some IT workers have become disenchanted with computer jobs frequently being outsourced, the reality is that the industry continues to have top employment rates and growth opportunities. It just takes an understanding of where transformations are occurring and developing competencies accordingly.

IT Skills in Demand

All IT careers require a high degree of data manipulation and multiple-step logic skills with a solid grasp of mathematical concepts. Development positions include programmers, system developers and computer configuration staff. IT takes a strong attention to detail and communication skills are becoming increasingly important. Support personnel particularly require people skills in assisting with software purchase, installation and training, and hardware support. There are numerous specialized niches available for focus when entering the industry but as IT is continuously changing, learning how to keep pace with technological advancements is one of the most valuable skills a student can acquire. The biggest trend in the job market today is a convergence of business with technology skills. Tech-savvy professionals who can use their understanding to provide management insight into cost structure, customer behaviour or emerging trends are most desirable.

IT Careers on the Rise

The fastest growing emerging categories are cloud computing and mobile application development, though there are still relatively fewer jobs in these areas compared with data security and project management. Small and medium-sized businesses are growing exponentially with reduced need for infrastructure investment due to internet efficiencies – many are looking for individuals with IT training. Industries such as health care also have vast potential for IT expansion. Other top IT occupations expected to experience the fastest growth through 2020, boast top employment rates and advancement opportunities, and pay salaries well above average, include:

– Database Administrator

– Software Engineer

– Video Game Designer

– Network Administrator

– Computer Systems Analyst

– Web Developer


The effective management of large quantities of unstructured data is a growing priority for many companies, requiring an understanding of the volume, variety and velocity of content. Going forward, IT departments will continue to consolidate content management solutions and attempt to integrate multiple functions for improved efficiency. As the mobile web era fully takes hold, IT professionals will be leaders in adapting the firewall for security and productivity enhancement. There is no shortage of new IT careers opening up and forward-thinking students with cross-functional skills such as graphic design or web design courses will be best positioned to succeed.


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