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Back To Work For Stay At Home Parents

17 SEP 2013
Career Path : Childcare

Taking care of your children is the top priority of stay at home parents, but there comes an age when you are no longer needed. This is the ideal time to go back to work. Unfortunately, with a very tough work force, going back to work is much easier said than done when you have been out of work for several years. The best way to go back to work is by going back to school first, or going into a field where parenting can be used as a work experience. An example would be obtaining a job as an Early Childhood assistant in a preschool or daycare setting. Another option would be taking your existing office background and upgrading to work after classes at dental assistant schools.

Going back to school can take a lot of time and money so finding a trade school is best. There are dental assistant schools and medical coding schools that adults can attend and gain the education needed to get back into the workforce. With the proper education, you can find multiple jobs that have you working from 8am to 5pm. This will allow you to help your children get to school on time, and the get help with homework in the evening.

It is best if you start by researching the field that you will want to go into before enrolling in school. In addition to dental and medical coding, getting an education in paralegal work or nursing are other options. The job market is very tight, so you will want to see what types of jobs are open in your city. This will give you the direction you need, as well as finding out which schools are recommended or highly valued.

Work Experience
Not all jobs require a degree if you have the work experience necessary. Childcare centers and preschools often look for Early Childhood assistants. They want people who know how to handle young children and teach them basic skills. When you are looking for a job without education, think of all the skills you learned while remaining at home with your children. You are experienced in handling diaper changes, reading, cooking, and caring for the most basic of needs. Some childcare centers who hire assistants to need people who are licensed to drive the multi-passenger vehicles to field trips. Having extra licenses or certifications is extremely beneficial when finding jobs. Even knowing a second language can help in today’s job market, as there are more bilingual assistants needed.

Whether you go back to dental assistance schools, or apply to be an Early Childhood assistant, you can find a job after raising your children. The skills you learn and the love you provide during those first few years of life will give you many talents to put on your resume. It is a way to get a leg up on the competition of younger people applying fresh out of college.

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