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Work-life Balance for Students of Mechanic Training: It’s possible!

5 MAR 2012
Career Path : Automotive

Your college years are the perfect time to set about creating the life you want. It is a time to establish routines, determine priorities and set realistic goals.

Take care of yourself

Make sure that when you graduate prospective employers and clients see the healthiest “you” possible:

-       hit the gym in the evenings after school

-       bring a healthy, homemade lunch to eat in between your mechanic courses

-       take care to prevent injury from repetitive movements – ask the teachers at your auto technician training school to share their tips for avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome and back pain

-       form a team with your buddies at mechanic training school – once-a-week Ultimate Frisbee or shinny can help you stay in shape and ensure that you all stay in touch long after your mechanic courses are over

-       establish a relationship with a trusted general practitioner

-       find a dentist


Auto technician training is demanding, but don’t let it take you away from your friends. Reserve Friday or Saturday nights for your old friends. Sometimes taking a break to refresh ourselves actually helps us advance in our studies faster.

Mechanic training can also be a wonderful time to meet new people. Reach out to your fellow auto technician training students. It may well turn out that they have similar interests to yours.


Don’t forget about your hobbies just because mechanic training is demanding. Your hobbies, like your friends, can be what sustains you throughout your career when the going gets tough.

Giving back

While you are pursuing auto technician training is an excellent opportunity to explore volunteer options in your community. Have you considered using your mechanic training to:

-       mentor a youth at risk

-       help an elderly neighbour maintain their car

-       help community organizations sell, pick up or transport donated vehicles

Volunteering can imbue life after mechanic training with meaning.

Plan for the future

Where do you want to be one year after auto technician training?

Five years after auto technician training?

Ten years after?

Set priorities

Figure out what is most important to you right now:

-       finding a life partner

-       buying a home

-       travelling the world

-       being near family and friends

-       making money

-       taking it easy

Your priorities will determine the type of workplace you seek out, whether:

-       a pre-existing family owned business

-       your own garage

-       a major corporation

-       an auto technician training school like the one you currently attend

Work-life balance is difficult to achieve. It takes commitment and practice, which is why it is recommended that mechanic training students begin to take positive action while still pursuing mechanic courses.