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Work With Kids As an Early Childhood Assistant

28 DEC 2012
Career Path : Childcare

If you enjoy helping people, and you love children, you may want to consider becoming an early childcare assistant. But how do you know if the field is right for you? Here are five tips for helping you decide if this exciting career is a good match for your personality and skill set.

STEP 1 – Take a good, hard look at yourself.

Before you do spend any time in an early childhood assistant program, take stock of your personality. Do you see yourself working with children every day? Do you think you have the patience and energy to be an authority figure on a daily basis? If you’re honest with yourself, this exercise will give you your first inkling as to whether the career is right for you.

STEP 2 – Talk to an experienced early childhood assistant.

Sure, you can read books about the subject of childhood assistance, but nothing is better than talking to someone who has walked the talk. Ask around, or visit a daycare, and talk to the people who do it every day. Find out what their challenges are… what they love about the job, and what they don’t enjoy. By doing this, you’ll get an honest idea of that the discipline is like.

STEP 3 – Visit an early childhood college open house.

Take a day and visit some early childhood college open houses. Chat with instructors about their Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program. Find out as many details as you can to see if it’s right for you. Ask about course content, and ask about jobs. You’ll get a feel for the childcare assistant profession very quickly by visiting an early childhood college and seeing things for yourself.

STEP 4 – Try it out.

Working with children all day can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. If you’ve never been with kids for a long period of time before, why not “try it out” before enrolling in an Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program? If you have friends or family with kids, offer to babysit for a day and see what it’s like. You’ll learn a lot about yourself… and you’ll give a break to a grateful parent!

STEP 5 – Enroll in an Early Childcare Assistant Diploma program.

If you’ve done steps 1 to 4, and you see yourself being an early childhood assistant, then the next thing to do is to visit the website of an early childhood college and enroll in a program. By doing that you’ll delve deeply into the nuts and bolts of the profession, and you’ll know for sure if the discipline is for you.

So if you’ve ever thought about bringing children into your professional life, consider becoming an Early Childcare Assistant. It just may be the career you’ve always been looking for.

Contact the National Academy of Health & Business for more information on their Early Childcare Assistant Program.