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Where You May Work With Auto Technician Training

31 JAN 2013
Career Path : Automotive

Mechanics are found where ever engines need tending and repair. At the bottom rung of the profession, you need little education, only mechanical aptitude, but among people looking to become a mechanic, it’s better to invest in the sort of education that’s available in formal auto mechanic programs. Then there’s a wide variety of employers who desperately need your skills.


Licenced Dealerships

New cars are sold through franchise dealerships in North America. Many of these offer a garage for service, maintenance and repairs of customer purchases. This is typically managed through renewable warranties. The car company providing the cars will have very strict standards for auto technician training and certification because the mechanic will be representing the brand.


Second-hand Dealerships

The more budget conscious shopper will usually buy second-hand. They can do this with confidence because they know a qualified mechanic will have fully inspected the vehicle. Some second-hand places specialize in one kind of car or brand, but it is just as likely the mechanics they employ will see all sorts of makes and models.


Car Rental Companies

Some companies outsource repairs and maintenance, but there is still a need to inspect and see to their fleet. Like a franchise dealership, standards are impeccable. Many car renters are repeat customers, but they also do not have an owner’s familiarity with their vehicle. This means they can’t make allowances for a quirk or minor defect like slightly sticky brakes and the mechanic will have to work hard to keep rental cars in factory fresh condition.


Franchise Garages

Many garages are part of a larger chain, perhaps attached to an auto parts retailer. Again they tend to have very uniform standards for training and expect workers to have the appropriate training through auto mechanic programs. The advantage of working here is that as a reference, standards are supposed to be reliably uniform.


Independent Garages

The quality of an independent garage is a lot more variable, but if you’re looking to become a mechanic they can be some of the best places to go. While it takes good skills to stay in business, they can be more flexible with who they hire and how they train them.


Small Engine/Farm Machinery Repair

Not every engine is in a car. Tractors, ATVs and marine equipment follow similar principles to the things you will learn in auto technician training. Garages near rural areas usually take care of farm machinery alongside cars and trucks, while popular holiday areas expect to see lots of lakeside and seaside demands.


Diesel Engine Repair and Maintenance

Freight trucks and buses both need people to maintain them. Whether you work for a transportation company or the municipal garage, you’ll want to take some extra courses to top up standard auto mechanic programs and you might even be able to do this out of an existing regular car and truck garage if it has the service facilities, and earn more money.



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