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What Do These Two Words “Business Schools” Mean to You? Your Definition May Be Changing

29 JUN 2012
Career Path : Business

Many recent graduates of business schools at the community college level may never have dreamt as a child about one day getting a business diploma. There is an explanation for what at first glance seems like a strange phenomenon.

The curricula in business programs at community colleges have extended in recent years to reflect new realities, including the emergence of event planning and web design as distinct professions requiring specialized training. New graduates of event planning courses and web design courses may not have grown up dreaming of taking such classes, because when they were born, such classes did not yet exist, or, at least, not on the widespread level that they do now.

So whereas we may traditionally associate business programs with accounting, management and secretarial students, the new face of these schools is much more diverse. It now regularly extends to include students of event planning courses and of web design courses. Read on to learn a little bit more about these two fields of interest.


Event planning courses

In the not-so-distant past, events such as weddings were organized by friends and family members, or, in some cases, servants. Today, event planning, like so many other tasks of modern living, is just as likely to be outsourced to professionals with a network of florists, musicians, venues, etc., already firmly in place. Increasingly, there is a demand for graduates of event planning courses to plan such events as:

-       academic conferences

-       corporate meetings

-       fundraisers

-       online meetings

-       birthday parties (for kids and adults alike)

-       bridal showers

Event planning students may benefit from their placement in the business program of community colleges, because it enables them to foster their professional network with potential suppliers and clients while they are still in school.

Some event planning courses even task their students with planning a party for their business school’s other students, giving them much needed hands-on experience.


Web design courses

In the not-so-distant past, there was no Internet and therefore no need for web design courses, which are now a staple at schools at the community college level around the world.

Today, web design courses prepare the designers of tomorrow for the technical and professional demands of their jobs.

As with event planning students, students of web design courses can use their time at college to build their professional networks, making it easier for them to find employment after graduation.

Also like their event planning counterparts, some web design courses task their students with designing web sites for their business school’s other programs.

If you are interested in enrolling in event planning or web design courses, contact the business schools in your area.


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