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One Woman’s Quest to Conquer the Automotive Industry

13 JAN 2014

Chances are when you think of an auto mechanic, you think of a man. That’s the stereotype: only men can be mechanics, women aren’t interested in cars. This couldn’t be further from the truth, thinks Audra Fordin, an automotive enthusiast who focuses on breaking the stigma of women in the automotive sector. She’s pushing an agenda of getting women into the repair shop, and out of the stereotype, and this great blog post by Automotive Training Centre explores just how she’s doing that.

“Audra Fordin is making it her mission to remove the stigmas and intimidation from the automotive industry and ensure that more women can get involved and learn something. Ignorance of your own vehicle can lead to unnecessary breakdowns, costly repairs and even injuries. Not only does she want to see more women being able to take auto mechanic courses, but she wants to see more women in auto careers period. Automotive know-how is in Audra`s blood, her family started the reknowned and excellent Great Bear Auto, and her experience growing up was one of being immersed in the automotive industry almost 24/7, working for her parents.”

While she knows it’s not going to change overnight, Audra is committed to providing resources for women all over the world who don’t want to stay in the dark about their engine. Audra is providing a website with great resources, tutorials, workshops, career opportunities and more to get women engaged with automotives, and it seems to be working!