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Winter Traveling in Italy

17 FEB 2014

While most people consider Italy to be primarily a summer destination – what with its wealth of beautiful sunny beaches and the popularity of lounging and sunbathing in various piazzas – it turns out that winter in Italy is just as amazing of an experience, if not more! So if you’re studying abroad in Italy and looking for something to do on your off time, a bit of winter travel might be just the cure for the blues. Not only does Italy possess some of the most incredibly ski slopes in the world, but it’s also home to amazing winter festivals and outrageous experiences like an orange-throwing battle in the city of Ivrea. John Cabot University, an American English university in the heart of Rome, Italy has just published an excellent blog post that gives some tips and suggestions on how to spend your winter in Italy.

“The winter festival of Carnevale in Italy is an absolute ball – a snowball that is! Like other festivals around the world celebrating “carnival,” Italy’s is held in the winter months during the 40 days before Easter in many cities. Carnevale festivities in  Venice, Viareggio and Acireale are especially lively. The dates vary from city to city, but activities include intricate mask making and lavish parades with floats and dancing. The city of Ivrea is also home to the famous “Battle of the Oranges”, in which combatants playfully pelt each other with the citrus fruit.”