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The Whys And Hows Of A Student Exchange With Universities In Italy

12 AUG 2013
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Many Americans and international students alike are exploring the option to study abroad in Italy. Italy is a country that is bright and rich in tastes, sights and sounds as well as deep rooted history, so there will be many opportunities to learn more about the world and grow your horizons. Additionally, most study abroad programs help you experience more of the country you are staying in in a more in depth fashion than a tourist.

Study Abroad Enrichment Programs

When you’re seeking a suitable Italy based university, you should check for schools that offer study abroad programs. These universities will offer courses that specifically cater to the needs of American or English speaking students that are looking to further their education in Italy.

Joining these types of programs are also a great resource for making lifelong connections and networks in a very diverse and multi-cultural environment.

Universities in Italy

Universities should offer you the true college experience- a beautiful campus environment, resourceful libraries, computer labs and accessible student administrators and centers. In addition, you should be looking for universities that are accredited and are able to offer the option to transfer credits. This is a great protection to have just in case you become homesick and decide to finish your education back in your place of residence.


Since you’re in Italy, it only makes sense that you are not just learning, but having a hands on experience as well. Look for universities in Italy that offer study trips, small class sizes and professors and educators that are dedicated and multi lingual, including fluency in English.

In addition to the academics, getting involved with extra-curricular activities and student groups will only help to further your horizons. Also, if you have plans to live in Italy and practice your craft, you want to ensure that there are programs in place to partner with you in building and expanding your resume abroad. This includes internships, career planning and services and community based outreach that can prove to be beneficial in every way.

Financial Aid and Tuition

Pricing may vary, but there are schools that allow transfer of financial aid from your current university as well as grants and international based programs that will sometimes offer lower cost tuition as an incentive to pursue your education abroad. Often earning these can be as easy as blogging about your great experience or writing for the school paper.

As you can see, studying abroad can be a very enriching experience. Being able to speak more than one language and having international travel under your belt before you begin your actual career will prove to make you an asset in just about any field. Study abroad in Italy and come back a seasoned and knowledgeable professional that is ready to conquer the world!

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