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What’s next? A Career after Graduation

10 JAN 2014
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Don’t waste your life not following your dreams. If you don’t know what your dream job is its time to take a good look at what interests you and take the necessary training. This great blog post by Academy of Learning College Alberta may be the first step for some students to start asking what’s next, and start working in earnest to achieving a rewarding career after graduation. There are many questions you should ask yourself to find a job that makes you happy and not just pays the bills. Identify exactly what kind of job you want, how much you are willing to commute and whether you have the necessary training to achieve it. Make the most of your career training to develop a network of valuable contacts and use your time efficiently to gather all the knowledge you can and understand which aspects of your education are most interesting to you.

“Working hard is not enough. There are millions of people in the world who all work hard. Your goal should be to be efficient at the hard work that you’re doing. One of the ways that you can do this is by efficiently using the hours in your day. Though it may sound obvious, structure and plan your days. Decide on your daily tasks, prioritize the most important ones that need to be done and then devote concrete blocks of time to accomplishing those tasks. This type of time management will work at your day job or even in your free time when you’re working on your own personal projects.”