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Weirdest Halloween Costume You’ll See on Campus this Year

24 OCT 2014

Halloween in our college years means retiring those store-bought Cinderella and Superman costumes, and exchanging trick-or-treating for costume contests. Many people get their costume inspiration from movies, or memorable pop-culture phenomena (like the “ALS Ice Bucket” costumes which have been spotted already this year). If you want to see what crazy measures people have gone to in the past, or perhaps want some inspiration for your own costume design, here are a few of the weirdest costumes popping up in recent years.


Ah yes, the worldwide phenomenon that was Sharknado humoured the world in 2013, and was just absurd enough to warrant its own costume.  You can expect to see at least a few Sharknados flying around on Halloween night this year.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Sure, it’s off-season, but when else other than Halloween would you get the chance to dress up as this iconic light fixture?


There’s a nostalgic irony in dressing up as characters from a TV show that was equally loved and parodied in its time. A group of friends in these costumes are guaranteed to be the talk of the night.


A costume for only the most dedicated sushi lover.

Horse Head

We’re still not quite sure how this creepy horse head mask got to be such a global phenomenon in the past few years, but we’ve seen it everywhere from viral videos, to internet memes, and of course Halloween costumes.

Ramen Package

A modern staple of the college student’s cupboard, and now a quintessential college student costume.

Dog Cone Martini

Animals can join in the fun too, although we’re not sure how much fun this dog is actually having.