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Why Torontonians Should Have Their Wedding in Oakville

13 JUL 2012
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It’s true that a city dense with florescent lit theatres, restaurants, bars, libraries and museums will have more to offer than a small town does. But more, my dear urban dwellers, does not necessarily equate to better. I don’t mean to say that Toronto is not a worthy gem in itself. It absolutely is. But we tend to overlook the charm and wonder in neighbouring small towns because of all that a big city has to offer.


A Quick Escape:

As much as many city lovers hate to admit it, there comes a time when all you crave is an escape from the noise, the crowds, the honking cars and the overpriced cocktails. Less than an hour drive away from Toronto’s Union Station, Oakville is an easy escape from the urban bustle. With over 1,420 hectares of parkland areas spread across the entire town, Oakville offers a serene get-a-way that doesn’t require an expensive plane ticket or baggage claims.

The parks and trails not only serve as urban escapes, but also as ideal spots to take wedding photos. The Gairloch Gardens and Shell Park are two local favorites, both of which offer beautiful waterside views. Just be sure to look into permit requirements before you set up the shoot!


A Perfect Fit:

Without insinuating that Toronto is indifferent to its inhabitants, there is a degree of anonymity that comes with living in a dense city. While urban venues will likely be accommodating to your personal requests, there is always the issue of lengthy wait lists and a shortage of calendar options.

That is not to say that Oakville wedding halls are not booked all year round. What I mean to imply is that venues in smaller towns will likely have more wiggle room than those in the big city, if only because they have a smaller population to cater to, and thus have the time and liberty to be more accommodating.

Whether you are hoping to have a small, quaint lake wedding in Oakville or a grandiose celebration adorned with all the glitz and glamour, a small town like Oakville is sure to not only be equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise, but also the ability to actually get to know you on a level that borders friendship. This type of attention and care will likely lead to you being able to have the exact wedding you have in mind, be it small or big, discreet or lavish.


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