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Urban or Suburban – The Oakville versus Toronto Wedding Catering Edition

18 OCT 2012 | CAREER PATH: Hospitality
In the past, a young couple looking to tie the knot in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) may have kept their choices to such fabled downtown locations as the gazebo at the Music Garden. But couples these days know that they don’t have to limit themselves to downtown locations or catering services. In... Read More >>

Why Torontonians Should Have Their Wedding in Oakville

13 JUL 2012 | CAREER PATH: weddings venue
It’s true that a city dense with florescent lit theatres, restaurants, bars, libraries and museums will have more to offer than a small town does. But more, my dear urban dwellers, does not necessarily equate to better. I don’t mean to say that Toronto is not a worthy gem in itself. It absolutel... Read More >>