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Web Design Trends in 2014

31 MAR 2014
Career Path : Accounting

Web Design Trends in 2014It’s pretty well known that in the digital age, keeping current means absolutely everything. This is especially true in the realm of web design, as things move even faster than ever before, and getting caught with an outdated and obsolete website means you’re going to be left behind in a cloud of pixels as the competition gets the upper hand. Keeping abreast of new and emerging trends in the world of web design is absolutely essential if you want to stay relevant and avoid being labelled as “old,” “passé,” or obsolete. Lucky for all of you budding web designers out there, you have an ally in the fight against irrelevance. The Academy of Learning Career College has just posted a great list of emerging and soon to be on fire web design trends of 2014, so you can brush up on what’s hip and what’s gone the way of the dinosaurs to ensure your success. Check it out!


The trend of overblown, CPU-heavy and graphically gluttonous sites is dying, and rising to claim the throne is the chic classiness of simplicity. Everything from nice, simple colour schemes to minimalist themes for WordPress are skyrocketing in popularity this year, with people realizing that maybe a “less is more” approach actually is more when it comes to customer and user satisfaction. Cutting it down to one or two colours – three max, and that’s only when necessary – people have been crafting gorgeously simple sites that combine old world class with futuristic chic.”